Spending is a most easy-to-use expense log that keeps track of your money spending. No complex operations, no impractical functions. Spending is so easy to use.

Using Spending you will quickly and easily record of each expense. You will easy to know how much money you spent every week, how much money you spent every month, or even how much money you spend for this year.

If Spending can not run normally after update, please contact appcheer@gmail.com.
I will help you to solve the problem.

如果您更新快捷记账后无法正常使用,请与appcheer@gmail.com联系。我们会帮助你解决问题。 如果只是在留言中描述问题,我无法联系到你,除非你在留言中写下你的邮件地址,我会跟你们联系的。

With this application, you can quickly compare the unit cost of two items, no matter what units they are in – items, weights, or volumes – right there in the store. Just type in the price and quantity, and it will instantly tell you which item is the Better Buy.

This application compares prices between two products with different container and tell you which one is cheaper.

Example uses:
You are shopping at a grocery store and see two containers of milk. The first container costs $1.97 for 32 fluid ounces while the second container costs $2.65 for a 1/2 gallon. Which is the better buy?
According to the Better Buy:
The second container is the better buy, costing $0.02 per fluid ounce less than the first container.


It’s the best software to recite English words for Chinese people.




What’s new

- 新增“词义回想”记忆模式
- 新增“学习统计”模块
- 可以自定义每组学习词的大小
- 可以设置退出时是否保存学习记录
- 新增音标显示

Screenshot 01


JuKu will help you to communicate in English accurately. JuKu built near 130,000 sentences, covering all types of situation, so you can search and study without internet anytime, anywhere.

JuKu supports for Favorites feature, you can search the sentence to add to Favorites. It’s convenience of learning and memory.

If you are learning Chinese, JuKu would be very helpful. You can use it to inquirie Chinese sentence.